25th Annual Noche En El Barrio



Dear Fresno Barrios Unidos Champions,

First and foremost we want to say THANK YOU, with deep and humble gratitude, for 25 years of your support. For 25 years, Fresno Barrios Unidos has been able to serve youth, young adults and their families of South Fresno and beyond with programs and services centered on love, healing, wellness and empowerment. For 25 years, together, with all of you, we’ve been gifted the incredible opportunity to be of service in the lives of our community.  We are so grateful and we are better for it so, THANK YOU

We have been made stronger by those we serve because of our commitment to listening, learning and unlearning how to best partner with our community to reach our shared goals. Because of you we have been grateful to see our team at Barrios grow, thrive and succeed. We serve 12,500 youth annually, most of which are system-impacted low income youth of color from South Fresno. We mentor 90 young families a year building whole family resilience. We nurture 150 youth and young adults of color through transformative healing and positive identity development. We ignite the minds and spirits of 90 youth through Womxn Empowered and Mxn With Heart annually. We educate 10,000 youth a year to exercise body sovereignty. 

We liberate ourselves and each other in community. 

The vision that we have for FBU is a future that recommits to transformative healing so that our communities can recover from trauma, step into their power in healthier ways, and strive for systems change to create a just and equitable environment for all. We can achieve this with your support, by purchasing a forever home! A home we can all call our own! A home to make this magic happen in for another 25 years and beyond. Our youth deserve a home in Fresno that is built for them and by them. We plan to bring a full service medical clinic to our home, a healing garden to reconnect our youth to the power of the plantitas and mother earth, a community room for art, dance, meditation and whatever else our beautiful community wants to create. 

The time is now to invest in our collective future so that we can continue to forward the vision we all have for Fresno and the Valley; just and equitable opportunities to live robust and magnanimous lives in our own community. Our youth, young adults and their families are beyond deserving of this investment. Together we can accomplish our highest vision for ourselves and each other.  Please consider joining us as we continue to welcome each other home. 

We formally invite you to our annual fundraiser, Noche En El Barrio on October 25th 2019. 

Con amor y siempre, 

Fresno Barrios Unidos


Can't make it to the event?